Most thatchers will be booked up for at least a year in advance and it is often impossible to book a Thatcher at short notice (especially in the summer as this is our busiest period).  It is advisable to contact your Thatcher 6 months to a year before you want your work to commence.

A Thatcher cannot give an exact costing in response to an email asking “how much to thatch my roof”, you need to email the Thatcher and send photos and roof measurements.  The Thatcher may need to call and inspect the roof before a quote can be given.  There may be a cost for a quotation as a roof inspection takes on average 1-2 hours and involves several hours of the Thatchers working day; driving, inspecting the roof and compiling the quotation.  If a Thatcher does charge a fee, it is then deducted from the overall price if/when the Thatcher is hired to complete the works.

Detailed Reports and surveys for Insurance claims etc can be provided from your Thatcher for a set fee.

Roof Thatcher