Maintaining Your Roof


Tips to maximize the lifespan of a thatched roof:

  • Every thatched house owner should have a maintenance schedule / contract with their Thatcher to keep on top of minor repairs.
  • On average the roof should be blue-stoned once a year.
  • Consider covering the ridge in chicken wire to prevent birds from gathering the thatch for nesting materials.
  • Roof hips that are exposed to the wind can also be meshed to prevent wind damage.
  • Always cut back overhanging trees and clean moss and likens off the coat.
  • Never let anyone walk on your thatched roof (except a thatcher)
  • Do not light garden  fires or BBQ’s near a thatched roof.

Over hanging branches can damage a thatched roof, also when the leave fall onto the thatch they decompose causing the roof to rot.  Moss may grow on the thatch due to the tree / branches blocking out the sunlight.

Tree Damage to Thatched Roof

Damaged roof

Vegetation growth on thatch

Damaged Thatch caused by trees